The 360VR VIDEO TOURS are for private residents and are primarily designed to show properties for Real Estate purposes in conjunction with MLS listings OR the agent’s own website. Each video is hosted on YOUTUBE and is a very cost-effective way to let the client see every aspect of a home.  There are NO extra fees involved for hosting, saving Agents and their client from having to pay for virtual tour hosting. These videos are automatically picked up by websites such as and show up as 360VR TOUR links for clients to click on. HumboldtVisuals will supply the realtor links and assist the realtor to place the link in MLS if needed to ensure your client gets their listing seen by as many people as possible. All videos are produced by HumboldtVisuals and edited in the latest 360VR video software and have music added to them to enhance the viewing experience. Music added to the 360VR video CAN be selected on youtube and is “Copyright-Free”  with links added in the description to give the music creators a mention as required under the user agreement with YOUTUBE creators.