Humboldt Video

Humboldt Real Estate  makes Videos for Real Estate listings !
(See examples below)

Humboldt Video does video production as well.


I am a former Dish Network Installer who is quite adapt in all things video related and will come to your house and business to help you put together video systems of ANY type, including Home entertainment and security.

I am also offering video production, for both Realtors and Family videos as well as any Business related video productions, including commercials for TV or YOU-TUBE!

I’ve been in the imaging service related industry both in Still and Video for over 25 years and can listen to what you the consumer is wanting out of the production and help you find a place to host the finished product.

WE make 360VR videos!
4k Video profiles for websites!
4k Videos for Real Estate Listings!

Even a mixture of product photography and video production!

Now I also add to my list of production capabilities ADDING YOUR BUSINESS to Online Apps  to make it easy to see your business online on such platforms as Google EARTH Google Maps, and Google Street view!

Below are a FEW of the over 450 MLS real estate videos I have made over the last 5 years for local real estate listings – if the average listing is say $300,000  then I’ve helped make over 135 million dollars worth of real estate sales in the last 5 years – I SHOULD BE CHARGING MORE $$$$  !!!!

Soon I will be getting my Drone license (part 107 compliant) and will be another facet to the  services offered.
****footnote to drone photography – it is illegal to make money in any way from drones without having a Part 107 license. THE FAA words it like this -so there is no getting around this – ANY FURTHERANCE TO A BUSINESS is not permitted – this includes realtors who hire out un-permitted drone operators so please check the federal data base before you hire out anyone to do your drone photography or video… Drone operators ALSO are required to have AIRCRAFT liability insurance for safe operation of drones – not just liability insurance but specialized insurance… so realtors be careful it can cost YOU 1000 bucks per violation, that is taking off  landing and repeating – EACH one is an offence – how do I know this? I am studying for part 107 compliance at this time and anticipate being approved by home land security some time in the beginning of 2019.  This is a process I want to comply with, so for the time being, I use a 37 foot stationary platform for all my elevated shots.

















me being amazed by the size of the snowflakes!










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