Humboldt Visuals

Humboldt Visuals does ART COPY work, Image Recovery from cards, Video Work, SCANNING of Slides and Prints, Real Estate Photography, Portrait Photography, Pet Photography,  DVD DUPLICATION, CD DUPLICATION, GRAPHICS including LOGO DESIGN and coming in December DRONE Photography and Video work. WE also DO Satellite work, entertainment center installation and troubleshooting As well as Video surveillance system installation and smart house staging and instillation..

Having worked in all these fields for over 30 years technician Greg Beaumont has received BicSi training and is familiar with many aspects of video and audio installation and even network installation.

Art Copy

Having done art copy for over 20 years I know how to light your artwork to get the closest possible copy work to the original, note however there are ALWAYS some changes when copying art work, art copy work involves many factors that can change the look of the copy from the original, our goal is to minimize the changes in color and contrast. Using special lighting effects Humboldt Visuals  will get you as close to original colors as possible from your multi media original artwork. I work closely with the artist, and will get the best results possible. I used to work for LA County Art and Museum doing their large format paintings under studio lights at Fieneis Photo in Chatsworth CA.


We can scan images from Half Frame to 8×10, Large format slide scans are more expensive as they take longer to do.
35mm Scans are done at high resolution to medium resolution depending on your needs.
High resolution scans are saved in TIF files and are done to the customers specifications.
Low to Medium scans are made for usage in small prints, or just for viewing or posting to social media, they are less expensive and take up much less room on a disc or dvd.
CALL for pricing information, since it matters how many slides you are having us do and to what resolution you need.

Scans from prints

We make scans from prints up to 11×14
Scans are made to your specification that is if you need a large print made from a small original print it takes a larger file to make a NEW PRINT that looks good. LARGE FILE SIZE takes up more room on your USB OR CD OR DVD so it makes sense to have custom scans for your project needs – If its just a picture you wish to have so you can email it to relatives or post to social media such as FACEBOOK  it (the file size we make of your original print) doesn’t need to be very large 1 megabyte for example – VS 20 megabytes to use for a printing purpose.

CALL for pricing,  most scans of smaller size are only 1.00 each, scans of larger prints for printing using larger sizes are 2.00 each.

Price for 1-25 (if you have 25 images to scan low resolution) .40 Cents each
Price for 1-25  high resolution scans – 70 cents each .

50 -100 scans low resolution  drops to  .25 each
50 -100 scans High resolution .50 cents each

DVD copy (duplicates) 

No commercial DVD copy work will be done (no copyright infringement)

Duplicate DVD/cd of your original DVD/cd  –
First Duplicate is 15.00
Each one thereafter is 4.00


If you have video clips that you need converted to DVD format
we will work with you in determining your video production needs.
We make file format conversions with graphics as needed.
File encoding to DVD costs take time and effort – especially if you have specific needs
therefore pricing varies.

Minimum charge in this service is $20.00 as it takes time to do.
Each copy of what we produce goes back to DVD duplicating prices above.

Most finished productions will run around $50.00 if the video includes clips of different scenes and types, mixed in with titles and photographic images, if the project is really large we will sit with  the client and story board out the plan and estimate it from there in a piece by piece basis. WE CAN PRODUCE JUST ABOUT ANY THING YOU CAN IMAGINE!


Humboldt visuals LOVES making logos for clients
Give us a basic idea of what you are looking for and our artists will send you a collection of rough drafts, this can be a quick and easy process  or take a few days to a week to achieve what you like! Give us  a shot we love to do projects like this  some times even on speculation basis..

Video Installation work in your home.

Call us and tell us what issues you are having – I CAN HELP I am a former satellite installer and have lots of experience in installing stereo and video equipment as well as networking and integration into your internet connections, TV has you tube and internet options now DON’T lose out on the many forms of entertainment your new smart TV’s offer Ill come to your place and help you install that new system, and talk you through your many options.. including DIGITAL antenna  and streaming media straight from YouTube or Hulu!


IF you have a card or hard drive I can scan it and recover files with forensic recovery software. Images are there still until the care is written over, some times even then files are able to be recovered, just depends on how deep of a scan is done, recovering images that have been deleted are fairly easy to accomplish, so if its what we call a shallow scan (recently deleted images)chances are this is just going to be a minimal charge 35 to 45.00, HOWEVER if the images are truncated and are difficult to recover deeper longer scans of the media are required – THIS can take quite some time to accomplish despite what HOLLYWOOD portrays! Often a scan for files or images of this nature can take 12 to 24 hours to recover – and even then there is no guarantee the WHOLE file will be recovered – some times you may end up with a part of a picture – 3/4ths of it – but it times of need they can still be used – deep scans run 100.00 minimum charge since they take all of the resources available even on a monster machine like the one I built to do this task (Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz with Solid state drives and 64 gigs of fast ram…)the same machine I process the studio /video work I compile for video editing. CALL me now if you are in a rush and Ill help you get your images recovered right away! (Greg Beaumont) (seven o seven ) Two67 6178!