Humboldt Marbles!

A craft I learned from Jesse Taj!

Some of the marbles I have for sale on this site were made by Jesse Taj from 1998 through 2005 when I worked with him as an apprentice learning his craft.

I will be posting my old creations and my new ones on this page once I am finished setting up my new marble making shop. I am in the process of raising money to do so.

I really only need some flash back suppressors and hose  and a Oxygen tank to fill and I will be making marbles again for the first time since 2004!!  Its been far to long and I have a lot of new ideas I can hardly wait to try out! Please stay tuned !

update 12/29/2018

here we go!!!  Buying the  needed supplies to get going at last! 
I work EVERY day,  I also have to study for my Part 107 but the wheels are in motion, parts on order   Humboldt marbles kicks off in JANUARY

 I will keep you all posted here and on Facebook when I can

thank YOU all


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